What To Expect

The congregation on a Sunday will be led from the front. There are usually some notices, prayers, singing worship songs and a talk from the leader to explain some of the bible and how it can bring hope to our daily lives. We have various services through the month, lasting from 45 minutes to about an hour and a quarter, with refreshments and an opportunity to chat to people afterwards.

You can join in with the singing of worship songs (words will be on the screen), or you can just enjoy listening to the songs. People usually stand when singing, but some people remain seated. After the service there is usually an opportunity to talk with someone about how the service has affected you and to receive prayer if you would like it.

We occasionally have a collection to collect money for charitable purposes and not for the upkeep of the church building. You are very welcome to make a voluntary contribution if this takes place when you visit, but please feel no pressure or expectation that you do so.

We hope that you will feel at home when you visit us as essentially the church is like a big family and we love to welcome all who come to us.