Our values

Our values are based upon the Bible - 'To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.' (Micah 6:8)  They gather us in a shared understanding and focus of where we are being led by God in our mission and vision; directing our priorities and practice.

------------- With the guidance of The Holy Spirit in all we do: ----------------

Celebrate the life of Jesus

Worship:  We place worship and prayer at the centre, so God is glorified in all we think, say and do. Worship, prayer and teaching enrich our lives together as the people of God by guiding and undergirding all we are and do. We desire to meet with God and respond to His grace.With excitement we look to God's vision and direction for this church.

Christ-centred: Exploring and expressing what it means to live together as the people of God, obeying his Word and following Christ in the whole of daily life. Ever mindful of His direction, we seek to celebrate Christ together by focussing on the glorification of God.

Live out our relationship with Jesus

Relational: We place a high value on healthy, loving relationships with God, our families, our workplaces, church and communities. We seek to live distinctively like Jesus, by speaking the truth in love, discipling one another and demonstrating love, acceptance and inclusion to everyone within our church family, our families, workplaces and communities. We seek to ensure that our lives reflect Jesus' grace and forgiveness.

Every member: We look to encourage, equip and support one another so we can meet challenges, embrace opportunities and reach our full potential. We seek to showChrist's love by being a church in which people's gifts are nurtured and used for God's purposes within our church, the wider church and our community. Each person has an important part to play.

Share the teachings of Jesus

Missionary: We believe in showing God's forgiving and healing love and enabling people to know the love of God for themselves. We seek to sensitively share The Good News by meeting people where they are on their journeys of faith and sharing, with empathy, the life and teachings of Jesus with those we meet.

Servant-hearted: We seek to reflect the servant heart of Jesus by serving God, the church, our families, employers, colleagues and community in a generous willing manner. With humility we share our own gifts and talents as service to God looking not only to our interests but the interests of others.