Toddlers: Wednesday 9:30-11am

 We aim to serve the area immediately around Milford.

We have a Facebook page which can be found here. Our aim is to prepare children for school/nursery, to support parents in parenting and to show and share the love of God. If you wish to come please complete a contact from with your full name and email address. In the message please add your telephone number and the names and ages of the children you will be bringing. The contact form is found here.

We hope that our group will facilitate you doing different activities with your child and that the child will learn to function in a group environment and learn to share. Children are welcome from babies up to the age of four but it is the parent/carer's responsibility to supervise their own child or children. It is particularly important that the older children, especially the four year olds, are supervised by the adult responsible to ensure safe play for the younger members. We do have a Health and Safety Policy in place and need to point out that our equipment is designed for the under fours.

We cannot host any school age child so please do not bring an older sibling along because they are off school for any reason. Parents/Carers please be especially vigilant when the 'Garden' area is open during fine weather; make sure your child is not making an activity unsafe for another child.

We have 'Tidy up Time' just before singing and encourage everyone to help clear up.

We believe that it is good for the children to learn to clear up after themselves and we hope that this helps make you feel that it is YOUR Toddler group and you can play a part in it. We also welcome any suggestions that you may have.