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Sunday Morning Tube collection

(Foreign aid, compassion giving and disaster relief)

The church provides aid to four children in foreign countries and a collection is taken in church each Sunday morning to provide these funds. The collection is taken up by means of four tubes which are passed around in church - hence the name "tube collection". The details of the children supported change from time to time and are set out on the display in the church hall. 

There is also enough money to sponsor a number of students at MFA. For details about this see Mechanics for Africa below. The church also gives to famine and disaster relief from this money, as well as other compassionate giving as the need arises.

Home Mission

Home Mission helps churches in strategic mission situations to afford a minister where otherwise they could not afford one. It funds chaplains working in education and industry. It supports evangelists and missioners. It also provides materials, help and advice from the national resource at Didcot. More information is available from: Collections are made by various members of our Church population. If you would like to know more or would like to collect for the work of Home Mission, please contact

Thank you very much for your contribution.

Information about giving to the church

If you wish to make regular contribution to the work of the church, payment by standing order is a convenient arrangement. It also allows the church to plan its income and expenditure with more certainty.

The appropriate forms are available from Nick Morgan, the church treasurer. Alternatively, you may be able to do this by online banking, in which case please let Nick know what arrangement you have made. If you are a UK taxpayer, the church is able to reclaim the basic rate tax that you have paid on any gift. This will increase any gift you make by 25p for every £1.